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When Health is Not Just Physical

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Corona. Bidud. Unemployment. Life.

It’s not easy to live happily these days. There are many worries and concerns. We understand that.

Two years ago, we created a special team that helps people when they are suffering from emotional emergencies. Our mental health team is here for when the bumps in the road really hit hard.

With 5 local mental health professionals (MHP), and 10 emotional first responder units, we are able to help people that are suffering from emotional emergencies make the proper decisions. We have the ability to transport people to a medical facility that can help them with their emotional and psychological needs, and help them make the right decisions to help them overcome their immediate emotional needs. Our MHPs are also well versed in the process of admitting individuals to one of the state run facilities when the need arises.

As we do with every call, HBS doesn’t make a big scene, with lots of noise. The privacy of the patient is strictly confidential.

There is another important piece to the MHP division. Sometimes, HBS responders see things that are devastating. Sometimes, lives are lost, and there is nothing our responders can do about it.

In comes the mental health team. Each responder is contacted personally by a mental health professional to see if they need to talk things through. Collectively, the organization carries out a debrief, to let responders speak up and express what they saw, what they felt, and how we can learn for the next event.

We invest hours of discussion, training, debriefings and more to ensure our team is up-to-date on the latest techniques and methodologies in the mental health world, to ensure we can provide the best care for when our patients and responders need help the most.

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