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Sukkot 2020

This year Sukkot, starts Friday, October 2 at sundown and ends Friday, October 9th, followed by Shmini Atzeret on Shabbat (and Sunday outside of Israel).

That means we get to experience Shabbat in the hut more than once!

It’s a very special thing for Sukkot to fall on Shabbat. We have a few different things that happen because of this. 

In this article we will be discussing the differences between Sukkot falling out during the week and on Shabbat.


What To Do When Sukkot Falls On Shabbat?

We Don’t Shake The Lulav

One of the key symbols of the Sukkot holiday, is the Arba Minim, otherwise known as the lulav, etrog, haddasim and arovot!

Because Shabbat is the day of rest, certain things are considered muktza and not allowed to  be used on Shabbat since they have no purpose on Shabbat.

The lulav and etrog is one of those things. It is not considered useful for Shabbat, even though it is the holiday.

No Hallel WIth The Arba Minim 

Just like we don’t make the blessing on the lulav and etrog on shabbat, we also don’t pray Hallel with them as well.

Hallel is the set of songs. Comprised to sing praise to Gd. We say Hallel on Rosh Chodesh, all three main festivals, and Chanukah.

The difference between those times and Sukkot, is when Sukkot does not fall out on Shabbat, we take the lulav and etrog and shake them during this part of the service. 

We can’t cook food

On the holidays, we are allowed to cook food in order to enhance our holy days!

Since this year Sukkot falls out on Shabbat, we need to make sure all our meals are prepared in advance. For those everywhere but Israel. It becomes a three day holiday. 

One needs to be careful when cooking on the holidays since you might be leaving your stove on with the gas running. 

Hatzala Beit Shemesh does not recommend you do this for safety reasons but if however you do, make sure that you have vented the area where the stove is. Make sure there is always fresh air.

To Conclude

This year is going to be a very special year, not only do we get to enjoy the holidays starting on Shabbat, but it will be a much more intimate experience. 

With Corona, we don’t know what will be, but we do know that we’ll be with our family in the Sukkah.

Stay safe and Chag Samaech. 

In case of emergency call your local Hatzala Or EMS

In Ramat Beit Shemesh 02.999.999.2


Stay Safe This Sukkot

With The Hatzala beit shemesh Sukkot Safety Guide