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HatzalaCast Episode 9 | A Sit down with Tzvi Montrose, Hatzalah Chicago

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In this episode, we head over to the Midwest to have a conversation with Tzvi Montrose, the founder and CEO of Hatzalah Chicago.

Tzvi talks with Zeesha all about how one traumatic family incident sparked his desire to start Hatzalah in Chicago. Despite people saying it wasn’t needed, Tzvi talks about how he pushed anyways and since 2009, has grown the organization to monumental heights.

With over 80+ volunteers in various capacities, three ambulances and 4 municipalities they are working together to help all those in need of assistance while making a great kiddush Hashem in the process.

Tune in to hear some more great highlights and learn more about Hatzalah Chicago.

If you are interested in learning more or seeing how you can be part, Tzvi said kindly reach out.

[email protected]

This episode is sponsored in part by Hatzala Beit Shemesh. If you are interested in learning more or sponsoring an episode email [email protected] today!

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