Pesach 2020

Pesach 2021 | Sunday March 23 - Shabbat April 3

Pesach is one of the most widely celebrated Jewish holidays. A weeklong holiday starting with Seder night celebrating the birth of the Jewish nation and our freedom from the slavery of Egypt.

It also comes with the most preparation of any of the Jewish holidays. Cleaning for Pesach is a nightmare for some. In recent years it has become common place to take the preparatory cleaning to the next level.

The obligation is to remove edible chametz (leavened bread) from one’s possession. Many people unnecessarily take this to the next level and insist that they need to clean the crumbs out of the porous grout between their floor tiles. That is not Pesach cleaning…

That is spring cleaning.

Of course you are welcome to clean your houses however you would like whenever you wish (as long as its done safely), but if you are looking to clean the kosher way this year, 

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