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HBS: Going the extra mile. A recent story.

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The Extra Mile

The Extra Mile

From the HBS special files: Yesterday, we responded to a call where a child fell off his bike and suffered a facial trauma. Unfortunately, this child lost a tooth.

When someone loses a tooth, it’s imperative to get the tooth back into the mouth as quickly as possible, if the tooth is still intact. This will allow the tooth to be successfully re-implanted.

After 20 minutes of searching, HBS units successfully found the tooth – well after the patient was on his way to the hospital.

HBS has special partnerships with doctors and professionals in town, who make themselves available to HBS at all times of the day and night. We quickly reached out to one of our special doctors, Dr. Edo Lavi, who immediately helped to preserve the tooth while it was transported to the hospital for re-implantation.

FOLLOW-UP: After checking with the parents, we found out the doctors successfully re-implanted the tooth! Kol Hakavod to everyone involved!

IMPORTANT: This patient could have been very seriously injured – but was saved by his bike helmet. Never leave home without one!The Extra Mile


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