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Emergency Transportation

Full Service Ambulance Transportation

Hatzala Beit Shemesh is the only organization in the country that operates independently from Magen Dovid Adom. This means that we maintain a fleet of our own private ambulances to provide you with emergency transportation to your local Kupat Cholim, Terem, or hospital, depending on the situation and what your needs are. 

Hatzala Beit Shemesh dispatches a locally based team and ambulance as needed on every call that we respond to, which means that we can begin transportation to a medical facility or doctors office in a quick and expedient manner. 

If you are unsure if an ambulance is appropriate for your needs, see here.

Discover Our Equipment

In order to serve the community as best as we can, we ensure that the best equipment is available for our responders to help them help you. Here is some of the equipment we have:

We currently have three ambulances in service, with a fourth one on the way. All are Mercedes Sprinters, with a retrofitted inside to make it suitable for patient transport, as per specifications by the Misrad Habriyut and Misrad Hatachbura. All ambulances are fully stocked at all times with:

  • A stretcher: A Ferno stretcher, which is standard use across the EMS services in Israel, so that a rapid transfer to an ALS ambulance can be performed if necessary.
  • Oxygen & Masks: Each ambulance has three oxygen tanks – one big tank which flows oxygen to the onboard delivery system, a smaller spare, and a tik which bring into every call
  • IV Kits: Each ambulance has a minimum of 5 IV kits
  • Birthing Kit: Hermetically sealed pouches which contain all the tools necessary to deliver a baby in someone’s home, in the ambulance, or even in the hospital!
  • CPR Kit and Defibrillator: A kit that contains airways, tubes and other critical pieces of life-saving tools which are necessary when performing CPR. Each ambulance also carries a defibrillator which is used to shock a patient’s heart back into rhythm in the event it is stopped.
  • Backboards, neck braces, and stabilization equipment: Used for trauma patients, these items are used to ensure a patient is stabilized and immobile during the transport to the hospital, to prevent spinal injury or further damage to the spine and neck.
  • The most important equipment: Toys for the kids! A calm patient is the best patient, and our stock of toys is a winner for calming down our younger patients.

Rapid Response Vehicle

We are proud to announce the newest addition to our fleet of vehicles, a Sym Joymax 250 motorbike. This bike is fully equipped with a premium emergency warning package, will be used by first responders to quickly and expeditiously respond to emergency calls, with the added convenience of beating traffic! The bike is fully equipped with a full response bag, a large O2 tank, and an AED.

Drone Unit

Hatzala Beit Shemesh maintains a drone for use during missing person searches, large scale emergencies, and other needs. The drone is a quad copter with a build in HD camera. Footage of the drone can be seen below.