Chanukah 2020

When Is Chanukah 2020?

This year Chanukah falls out Thursday December 10 and ends Friday December 18th.


Chanukah lasts for 8 days and is always filled with fun and excitement.


The question will be, why is this year different than all other years?


In this article we will discuss how we can still enjoy Chanukah while in this pandemic!


Chanukah Parties


Why do we make celebrations? We celebrate the battle won by the Maccabies, who fought against the Greeks to save the temple. We celebrate this victory by enjoy parties with friends and family. This year will be different. One solution would be, making open and socially distant events or just having smaller parties limited to just family! 


Public Menorah Lightings 

The mitzvah of lighting the menorah is supposed to be a public one. We are supposed to display the miracle for all to see. 

This year, Chanukah 2020, might be a bit difficult. The solution many are talking about would be to do a limited lighting in smaller crowds. 


The Miracle of Chanukah! 

We hope that this year Chanukah 2020 will be one of great miracles and we should all be able to enjoy Corona free in the future! 

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