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Calling HBS

What To Expect When You Call Hatzala

What happens when you call Hatzala Beit Shemesh for help?

  1. A professionally trained dispatcher will answer your call, and ask you a couple of questions, such as your address, what the problem is, and other important questions regarding the emergency.
  2. The dispatcher then sends units to your location
  3. Units arrive at your door as quickly as possible

NOTE: It is important for the dispatcher to get all the information they need. Therefore:

  • Stay calm
  • Answer all questions clearly and completely. Be prepared with:
    A. A complete address
    B. Exactly what is happening and what you are seeing
    C. Any other information that can help the dispatcher get you the help you need immediately
  • DO NOT HANG UP UNTIL TOLD TO DO SO. There may be some times where the dispatcher needs to relay additional information or instructions.
  • Send someone outside to flag down the responding units