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Summer Safety Tips – Dogs

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Your dog does not feel the heat as you do. His body is designed to conserve heat. A dog’s sweat glands are located on the pads of his feet and nose, and they are inadequate for cooling your dog’s total body mass on hot days. The only innate cooling mechanism your dog has is panting.… Read More »Summer Safety Tips – Dogs

Summer Saftey Tips – Cars

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One of the most important things we all need to know is car safety. Every summer our call center alone gets calls to come to save children or pets that have been left in a car. This is a very severe issue. You know parked cars get hot, but what you might not realize is… Read More »Summer Saftey Tips – Cars

Welcome to the HBS Blog!

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Welcome to the HBS Blog. We’ve been doing this EMS thing for quite a while, and we have lots to share! Of course, we don’t share things like pictures and specific call information, but we can share life inside HBS, some of our new initiatives, safety tips, and we can also introduce you to some… Read More »Welcome to the HBS Blog!

Our Volunteers Need Your Help To Stay Safe

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We are in the middle of the coronavirus. That means that emergency medical services in Ramat Beit Shemesh are overwhelmed. Hatzala Beit Shemesh is helping by not getting involved. That’s right. We’re not getting involved in Coronavirus response. What we are doing is lessening the stress on EMS by covering other emergencies. That means we’re still responding to helping people who… Read More »Our Volunteers Need Your Help To Stay Safe