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Our Mission

Our Mission is simple:

To provide professional and compassionate emergency medical response 

and ambulance transport, at no cost to the patient.

We pride ourselves on giving compassionate and professional emergency medical response and ambulance transport to residents of Beit Shemesh at no cost to the patient in any circumstance. 

The purpose is to allow patients the comfort of calling for help without adding additional worry over the prohibitive cost of traditional EMS response and ambulance transport. Our volunteers service  all residents, visitors, and guests within RBS A, G, G2 and Daled, and we are working with other areas to bring HBS to them!

Our EMT’s don’t get paid, they dedicate their time to helping others. You can give back and help them to continue the great service they provide to those within and out of the community! 

Hatzala Beit Shemesh is registered 501c-3 non profit organization who’s mission is to provide professional emergency medical response and ambulance services to residents at no cost.