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Mission Statement

Hatzala Beit Shemesh strives to provide the most complete, professional and friendly service when a member of our community has a medical or emotional emergency. Using the power of local responders, local doctors, and local mental health professionals, we can provide a complete service when someone is experiencing a medical or mental health emergency.


First Response

When you call Hatzala Beit Shemesh during a medical emergency, the dispatcher will send trained and compassionate responders to the address of the emergency. The responders will do an initial exam and gather some facts, and will then help you choose the best course of action in order to ensure you are best taken care of.


At the same time as our volunteers are being dispatched, the dispatcher will also be sending an ambulance to the location in case it is determined that you will need transport to the hospital. We have designed our ambulances to be comfortable and calming. Our ambulances are regularly inspected by the Health Ministry and have consistently passed with high marks.


At Hatzala Beit Shemesh, we ingrain in each of our responders that being professional and confident is only part of the job. We impress upon them that friendly care is essential to the process as well. Many of our responders also speak additional languages, in order to make the whole experience as comforting as possible.

Emotional First Response

Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. Understanding the need in our community, we have established a special emotional first response and mental health professional unit to help deal with emotional emergencies. The unit has seen tremendous success since it was established. We have assisted many patients during times of emotional distress, and have helped them through the immediate emergencies and have set them up for future success in managing their emotional concerns in the future.

Community Courses

We work together with shuls, schools, and senior citizen organisations to help learn what to do in an emergency. If you would like a course for your school, shul or organization, call our office to schedule one.

Prevention Campaigns

We would rather prevent an emergency from happening rather than have to respond to an emergency. This is why we hold preventative campaigns - to help make people aware of dangers that may not be obvious.